Foyer Board and Batten Reveal


Phew, we have successfully completed another wall treatment project! And this one might still be my favorite.

Go back to last weekend, when we started the project assuming it would be finished the next day (yeah, right). Here’s where we were on Sunday:

So yesterday we (well, more like me) got back to work. The last two boards came in and it was time to fix all the holes and seams. This is normally the most annoying part as not everything fits together perfectly as the walls are never straight. So I took my time and did my best, using putty on all hail holes and wood-to-wood joints, and caulking where the boards met the wall:


Then it was just hours of sanding and trying to get everything even and seamless.

After sanding, while I let the putty dry, it was time to paint.

I had to repaint the entire top half because there were imperfections where the wall met the trim the first time it was painted, and we ran out of the original paint color. So I picked up a liter of Magic Spell from Valspar (the original paint color matched this one) and crossed my fingers that the paint matched exactly…

But alas, that was not the case. The real Magic Spell is the slightly lighter/gray shade to the right. It didn’t take long, however, and soon I was ready to paint the background.

After about 10 coats (seriously) of paint + Behr primer…

It was done!

Oh, and if you were wondering how we solved this PITA situation…

Let’s just say it took a bit of sculpting skill, but I think I handled the situation pretty well (for an amateur)

We still need to add the base shoe and seal the tile area, so ignore the knots at the bottom as they will be covered.

Anyway, back to the reveal!

Here is the fireplace freshly painted and ready to be re-accessorized:

Before showing the final after… let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to the Original Before:

Metallic floral wallpaper…gotta love it.

The interim:

And now, the After:

The wall tiles come from Amazon.

I bought the light from Overstock, but it’s no longer available (see more about it here).

The prints on the right are 11.5×11.5″, framed inside $20 Virserum frames from Ikea, found here. Prints can be customized and ordered in any size, here and here.

These are 12×16 prints inside Ikea’s $17 Virserum frames, found here. Prints can be customized and purchased in any size, here and here.

The hooks were purchased from HD or Lowe’s (can’t remember which, sorry!)

A COMPLETE LIST OF HOUSE SOURCES (including paint colors) can be found here!

There will be one more After in the transformation of this fireplace, when we replace the glass with a solid frosted panel. I don’t know when we’re going to go ahead and pull the trigger, but it’s happening.

And that’s all for this weekend! I’m pretty excited about next weekend’s project…it’s in the garage right now:

Ahhh… it’s the pedestal table I’ve been dreaming about for months and months. We will finally be able to fill this empty hole in our dining area….

Be excited.

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