Best Eyelash Supplier | #Shorts


Best Eyelash Supplier | #Shorts

To learn more, please click here: This is CANAS LASH. We are a large-scale eyelash supplier. We have our own factory. Our company can provide you with eyelash suggestion and advice for your eyelash business. You can also let us know your thoughts. We have professional designers to help you design and build your exclusive eyelash brand, and we have professional business managers to answer your questions within 21 hours. We will launch here every week new products and eyelash knowledge or new trends in eyelash industry. If you want to know details about eyelashes, please follow us or click the link below to learn more. Eyelash Catalog: New Product Launch: Best Seller: New Product Read To Ship: Official Site: INS: Pinterest: Why Did You Choose Us!! 1. Exquisite and unique raw material processing technology is unmatched so far! In the process of pursuing perfection, each hair is carefully selected by patient workers with hair tips. (Other suppliers have no technology and no choice) 2. Each hair is designed by skilled workers to ensure that the left eyelashes are the same as the right eyelashes. The overall effect of the eyelashes is perfect! (Other products have asymmetrical eyes) 3. As for the eyelash strip, the eyelash strip is thin and clean. The glue is exclusively developed: and has obtained national patent protection. Our lash eyeliner is soft and long-lasting. Mink lashes can be used 20-25 times. (The glue of other products overflows, the eyeliner will break easily, and the eyelashes will fall off after a long time!) 4. As for the eyelash styling, the exclusively developed styling process ensures that the eyelashes are elegant and natural, not easy to break, easy to break, and super long! 5. In terms of eyelash design, we have our own designers, who constantly update styles according to the changing needs of the international market, and are always at the forefront of fashion, leading the international eyelash trend. Many of our designs are quickly becoming popular styles! Our designers can design according to customer requirements, which is unique in the market. Help customers consolidate the market. Make your beauty more unique! 6. In terms of delivery time, in the age of the Internet, time is money. In the internet age, winner takes all. Whoever seizes the time will get business opportunities. 7. In terms of mass production, our workers have many years of experience, training, patience, perseverance and creativity to ensure the consistency of mass production and samples. 8. As for the packaging, you just need to tell us what you think about it, and the designer will create a three-dimensional effect once the order is confirmed! 9. Our sales staff are patient, considerate, always considerate of you, mindful of your urgency, and are your strong and reliable support! For other blogs useful to your eyelash business, you can find the answers on my website. For example, 1) the difference between mink lashes and silk lashes 2) how to get a custom lashes box for your business 3) starting a flogging business/costs and things to know 4) how to find an eyelash peddler 5) how to get it Custom eyelash packaging for your business + free supplier 6) Custom eyelash box + inventory unboxing 7) Entrepreneur life ep. 4: The eyelash box is finally here! 8) How to sterilize and label eyelashes to pack eyelashes for my business 9) How to transfer eyelashes from one tray to another 10) Private label eyelash packaging cosmetic eyelash box 13) How to use false eyelashes perfectly .

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